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Or CLICK HERE  to search the FINDERINO  data base, which contains information on more than 600,000 real estate sales in New York State (2004 to present).

The full data base contains the property address, sale price, buyers  and sellers names

Name Phone Town
JOHNSON GRANT 5157325131 New Hartford
JOHNSON TARA 2127046108 White Plains
JOHNSON PATRICK 7183562319 Smithtown
Johnson Mary 3157979261 New Berlin
JOHNSON BRIAN G 9175971270 Yonkers
JOHNSON ROBERT 5164982900 Smithtown
Johnson Timothy 6079653393 New Berlin
JOHNSON LARS 6317224744 Southold
JOHNSON CRIS 9142326500 Scarsdale
JOHNSON RUSSELL 3156344670 Trenton
JOHNSON JULIAN C 7163327118 Buffalo
JOHNSON JULIE 7168531616 Buffalo
JOHNSON CHRIS 9142326500 Yorktown
JOHNSON JEROME 8453563537 Clarkstown
JOHNSON ROBERT 8458311897 Wappinger
JOHNSON RAEANNE C 5186549400 Hadley
Johnson Stephen Dewitt
JOHNSON PETER 6312654500 Riverhead
JOHNSON WILLIAM F 9738350100 Warwick
Johnson W.Macy 2125577700 Hunter
JOHNSON ROBERT 5852382070 Rochester
JOHNSON RICHARD 7188352677 Brookhaven
Johnson Peter R. 7164841010 Ellery
JOHNSON ROBERT E 2126196477 Islip
JOHNSON JULIAN 7163327192 Buffalo
Johnson Kenneth D Fallsburgh
Johnson Robert 8458312406 Walton
Johnson June 8076527313 Stamford
JOHNSON HAROLD J 9149979488 Harrison
JOHNSON KEVIN 6316662500 Islip
Johnson Craig 7168525540 Lancaster
Johnson Robert W 8458314667 Northeast
JOHNSON 8454575332 Blooming Grove
JOHNSON EDWARD 6314750207 Brookhaven
Johnson Timothy R 6073635741 Morris
JOHNSON STEPHEN L 3154220121 Cicero
JOHNSON ROBERT 7187455530 Southampton
JOHNSON ROBERT C 5852382002 Campbell
JOHNSON PHILIP 6075845661 Owego
JOHNSON NICHELLE 9146644672 Mt Vernon
Johnson William 7166683800 Chautauqua
JOHNSON MICHELLE 9146644672 Mt Vernon
Johnson Stephen 3182188191 Van Buren
JOHNSON TIM 6079658343 Guilford
Johnson Paul 8452941000 Amenia
JOHNSON EDWARD 6314750057 Brookhaven
Johnson Craig H. 7168523540 Buffalo
Johnson Russell 3152254885 Utica
JOHNSON LEROI 7168855553 Buffalo
JOHNSON W MACY 2125577700 Bedford
JOHNSON STPEHEN L 3152188191 Clay
Johnson Julian C. 7163327118 Buffalo
JOHNSON MICHELLE 9144390125 Mt Vernon
Johnson Stephen 3152818191 Hamilton
JOHNSON PAYLS 8452947441 Mamakating
JOHNSON RUSSELL D. 3153344670 Lee
Johnson Craig H 7168523540 Amherst
Johnson Wiliam P. 7166883800 Buffalo
Johnson Robert 5182726565 Sand Lake
JOHNSON RICHARD 5165781659 Islip
JOHNSON JODI 2127843302 Huntington
JOHNSON LISA 9142376635 Yonkers
JOHNSON PHILIP C 6075845661 Greene
JOHNSON CRIS EDWARD 9143022210 Carmel
JOHNSON CRAIG 7168523540 Buffalo
JOHNSON CHERYL 8567405196 Yonkers
JOHNSON D 5183593394 Piercefield
Johnson Russell Western
JOHNSON KENNETH 8454575332 Montgomery
JOHNSON PAUL F 8452947441 Kiryas Joel
JOHNSON PHILIP 6077639200 Chenango
JOHNSON KENNETH 8454575371 Walden
JOHNSON TIMOTHY P 7168498900 Concord
JOhnson Peter 7164841010 Ellery
Johnson Wm 7166883800 Sheridan
Johnson To,ptju 7168498900 Concord
JOHNSON HERB 7168345806 Buffalo
Johnson David 5184659313 Grafton
JOHNSON JUNE 6076527343 Oneonta
JOHNSON JONE F 6076527343 Laurens
JOHNSON ROBERT 7168421010 Amherst
JOHNSON SUSAN 5187623505 Johnstown
Johnson Julian C 7163327192 Buffalo
JOHNSON KENNETH Washingtonville
Johnson Nels 7168569509 Hinsdale
johnson Niache 9144390125 Yonkers
JOHNSON DAVID 6316542303 Huntington
Johnson Russell 3153344620
Johnson Stephen J 3152188191 Hastings
Johnson Tim 6072635741 Laurens
JOHNSON JULIAN 7163327118 Buffalo
JOHNSON EDWARD M 6314750200 Smithtown
Johnson Grant E 3157325121
Johnson Kenneth D. Newburgh
JOHNSON MARK 2122648335 Orleans
Johnson Robert 5852382000 Victor
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Listed below are the 100 most common first names in a local sample of 110,000 adult persons:

John   Robert   Michael  James  William  Joseph  David  Richard Thomas  Mary Patricia  Barbara  Susan  Linda  Elizabeth  Christopher  Jennifer  Daniel  Charles  Paul Kathleen  Anthony  Peter  Lisa  Edward  George  Mark  Nancy  Steven  Margaret Karen  Matthew  Kevin Brian  Donald  Frank  Carol  Donna  Stephen  Joan Jeffrey  Kenneth  Christine  Deborah  Ronald  Timothy  Jessica  Andrew  Diane  Laura Catherine  Eric  Melissa  Gary  Sandra  Dorothy  Scott  Sarah  Jason  Sharon Stephanie  Michelle  Debra  Maria  Helen  Raymond  Judith  Amy  Theresa  Nicholas Patrick  Vincent  Nicole  Ann Rebecca  Cynthia  Jean  Marie  Amanda  Kimberly Janet  Phillip  Bruce  Denise  Katherine  Gregory  Heather  Douglas  Frances  Kelly Ruth Anne  Anna Jacqueline  Dawn  Lawrence  Sean  Dennis  Jonathan  Ryan

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